The Top Trends In Wedding Dresses

Wedding fashion trends change all the time. There are brides who will want to wear a style from say the 1980s, but most will like to be seen in something, a style that is trendy at this time, whether it modern or traditional. So what are the wedding dress styles that are popular at this time? I have prepared a list you might find useful. Check out these trending bridal gown fashions from the catwalks.

Sheer Look

sheer bridal dress

Sheer, like see-through material, is trending at this time. But this may take some courage. If you are really bold, you can even expose your nipples like some brides are doing. Or you can pretend nipple exposure by wearing a nude colored material underneath. Your grandma can have a heart attack till the time she takes a close look. It’s another story, though, if you opt for a full exposure.


sleeve bridal dress

In most collections, you won’t find a wedding dress without sleeves. They are usually available in many sizes and shapes. But thankfully, the leg-of-mutton sleeve style from the 1980s aren’t yet back from the dead. More modest versions of them might still look good, though.

The Jumpsuit

bridal jumpsuit

Jumpsuits probably came out first during the early 1990s. They have now become a fashion statement, and you will also see the trend in wedding gowns. Many designers have a few in their collection now. A jumpsuit can be a great choice if your ceremony is a low-key affair or if you are having a non-traditional wedding.

Clean Lines

wedding gowns with clean lines

This style is looking gorgeous in its own unique way. Some designers are now mixing heavily detailed dresses with gowns that come without any extra sparkles. If you ask me, these clean lines are really looking very nice. But remember, these gowns can look quite dull if they are not designed exquisitely. A lot of talent is needed here.



These dresses look very sexy. There are different options where you can show a lot to just a little, depending on how bold you are feeling. You can also keep it subtle with overlays of tulle or lace in case you want to be somewhat conservative with the dress.


lace wedding jacket

You will find a lot of jackets, boleros, capes, knitwear, capes, and other outerwear in many collections these days. They often turn a plain and simple wedding dress into a special one. I have seen them come up in bridal couture catwalks more and more in recent times. And frankly, this kind of outerwear can be really useful if the weather is cooler at your place or somewhat unpredictable.


colored wedding dress

It’s not essential to wear a white wedding gown, though most brides are still doing it. Many non-traditional brides are trying out all kinds of colors – shades of blue, yellow, purple, mint green, pink, and even red. We have been seeing them more and more in the last few years. Color continues to make an appearance now and then. I see this trend growing.


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