Velvet Winter Fashion

Velvet, fancy and glossy, is perfect for the winter and the holiday season. I wear velvet often this time of the year when I want to show glamour, elegance and style. Sometimes, the fabric can also look vintage, and so I wear it when I want to show retro. There are so many ways of wearing velvet. It glams up almost any outfit.

The Velvet Trend Is Hot Now

Yes, the velvet trend has gone through a bit up and down over the years, but it’s hot at this moment, and in fact, it’s been like this for the last few years as well. Prada, Max Mara, Gucci, and Erdem have all taken the plunge and revived the velvet trend. In 2017 fall, velvet was the lush fabric of the season. We couldn’t have enough of it. The texture has also found a way into supersized trousers, on stilettos, and even pierce bags, and other accessories. We are seeing slip-on mules, anklets, and velvet robes too.

In 2017, and deep into 2018, we are seeing new velvet trends, new ways of showcasing the style. But it’s still a fact that velvet remains the most popular in the winter season.

So how do you wear velvet in the winter? How do you style the latest velvet trends? Here are some of the coolest ways of wearing velvet this season.

Velvet Coats and Dress

velvet coat

Velvet dresses look very nice in a range of shades – midnight blue, burgundy, and black among others. You can wear one to a holiday party or a date night. A velvet dress can be good for the office too, provide you keep the silhouette simple. Dressy ones may not be apt as the shiny and smooth fabric will appear party-like. Muted heels or a wide belt in contrasting texture can help you balance the outfit.

And of course, velvet coats are legendary. They are so perfect for the winter. You can also wear a plaid dress, combining two popular trends of the season to look cute. Your plaid velvet dress will be totally glam and perfect for the occasion. You can wear it with lace-up booties and black tights.

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The Casual Velvet Look

Wearing velvet doesn’t have to necessarily mean that you must dress over the top always. There are so many simpler and casual ways to wear velvet as well, and you can still look gorgeous. Like for instance, you can pair velvet with chunky jewelry, simple snickers, or by contrasting colorful accessories. On the other hand, if you want to be dressy, then you can easily jazz it up by going for sparkly jewelry, a statement bag, and heels. You will also feel super comfortable in it.

Luxury Velvet Fabric Tops

velvet top

Velvet is very comfortable to wear as well. When silk is included in the making, it becomes a true pleasure to wear the luxurious velvet fabric. Its natural sheen and soft drape is sure to please you. A top can be the perfect velvet wear. You can easily give your outfit a spin by wearing it with denim or by wearing a velvet crop top underneath your overalls. Match the top with a high-slit maxi skirt for that feminine look.

long sleeve velvet top

As a second option, you can wear a long-sleeve top with a high-waist skirt. If you are thinking of wearing a velvet jacket, go for styles with fuss-free and clean looks.

Velvet Bottoms

velvet jogger

This season, the oversized trend is doing very well. Wear a velvet pant or maxi dress to pull off the look with élan. You won’t look sloppy at all. And of course, a velvet pant is always going to look so much more exciting. The unique texture of velvet makes it a good choice for the winter. You can wear it with a coat, blazer, or a leather coat. For a casual look, you can wear a velvet jogger. Wear your jogger with flats, and a vintage tee.

Dressing Down Or Being Bold

You can dress down the velvet look too if you want, or you can be bold with velvet, whatever you want, making the fabric one of the most dynamic ones you will find.

For instance, make it look more casual, perhaps attaining the daytime look, by wearing your velvet dress with sneakers. You may also get a velvet version of some of your everyday basics. The plush velvet fabric can make a staple like your blazer, for example, and make it look more sophisticated and perfect for the evening. You can also wear the all velvet look (head to toe). With a jumpsuit, matching top and pants, it can be the perfect way of showing off a bold look for the night.


velvet jumpsuit

A velvet jumpsuit always looks awesome at holiday parties. It’s a practical option as well when you have to dress quickly and don’t have too many fresh ideas. There are so many color options – emerald green, red, classic blue, brown, maroon, and others.

Velvet Accessories

Choose your velvet accessories carefully, from shoes, to combat boots, scarves, bags, and more. It’s a good idea to add subtle accessories, as velvet attracts eyeballs. Play around with the colors to achieve the perfect combination.

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The velvet trend is not going down anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting more serious if anything. There are tons of reasons that make velvet a classic winter fabric. You can easily dress up or down, it’s a great material for the festive season, and velvet also looks good on shoes and other accessories. You can instantly spruce up your look by switching over to the velvet trend.


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