Velvet Trends For Men

Yes, you’ve got it right. From 2016 onwards, women no longer have a monopoly on using velvet. This luxury aristocratic fabric has made its way back to the men’s wardrobe since the 1980s, when velvet was massively applied for various clothing, such as jackets, trousers or coats. Two years ago, such prominent fashion brands as Emporio Armani, Michael Bastian and Joseph Abboud have officially presented their collection of velvet suits, which has overwhelmed the fashion world.

men's velvet suit However, is it really so weird to see this fabric on men? Not really, as once velvet had been imported to the 13th century Italy from the East, it became the first choice for the crowned heads and aristocrats of both genders. You might have seen it on the portrait of Karl VII by Jean Fouquet, duchessa Maria Caterina Farnese by Matteo Loves or doge Andrea Gritti by Titian. In the 16th century, this fabric was popular around the Royal courts all over Europe. Since then, velvet has widely become associated with a higher social position and royal luxury. Finally, in 2018, the fashion designers have chosen velvet again to bring a man an aristocratic look.

How to wear velvet clothing for men?
The first thing you should know is quite simple: velvet jacket makes you look chic itself. So, don’t try to pair it up with textured garments. Even a velvet jacket with a simple cut will speak volumes about your classy taste in fashion. What you can complement your outfit with, however, is a range of accessories, such as neck shawls, bow ties or glasses. Nevertheless, the decision whether to embellish your velvet jacket-based look with anything or not mostly depends on the occasion.

If you choose velvet to upgrade your casual style, the win-win option is jeans and a T-shirt. Women find such mix of elegance and slight negligence quite sexy, while men love it for comfort and universality in every situation. If you dare to try this look, go for a classic jacket cut. Just like Elon Musk does:Velvet suit on a t-shirt

However, the royal splendour of this fabric is best performed at special occasions, when you team a velvet jacket with formal trousers and a white shirt. Black velvet looks chicer and emphasises the manly silhouette. If you stay comfortable when exposed to public attention, a velvet smoking could be your another perfect fashion idea.

Velvet suits

What comes to colours, they do matter in case of velvet. The common rule of thumb is: vivid suits are best combined with neutral tones, and vice versa: a black velvet suit makes a perfect match to bright and juicy colours. If you want to meet the trends of 2017/2018 though, give favour to darker shades. In the current men’s fashion season, the most demanded colours are wine red and burgundy. They look especially elegant with textures featuring a conspicuous gloss and overflows.

burgundy velvet suit

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