Velvet Street Style

Winter officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st. But the weather has already cooled down noticeably. And with this, the winter clothes – cashmere, wool and softest velvet fabrics is beginning to come out from the wardrobe.

Velvet is back in fashion, in a big way. Fashionistas are showing off their street style looks and wowing us. The mood on the streets is wearable and elegant. It is about dressing up for daytime glamour. The designers too like Sonia Rykiel, Margiela, Pucci and others are showcasing their pieces, while retailers like Topshop and Zara are busy selling velvet suits, skirts, and slip dresses for the season.

In the fall and winter, you can wear velvet and master the street style trend with perfection. Wear the fabric in your own way. Add a spin and be confident. There are plenty of great ways of wearing velvet. But before I discuss these styles, let us take a closer look at velvet, its properties, and the different types of velvet.

What is Velvet?

velvet evening dress

Velvet is a luxury viscose or cotton type of cloth with a cut pile. It is a woven tufted fabric where the cut threads are distributed evenly. It has a distinctive soft and luxurious feel, which is one reason why I love this fabric so much. A special loom is needed to weave velvet into two thicknesses together. These two pieces are then separated for creating the pile effect.

Velvet is made from both natural and synthetic fibers, however traditionally, silk has been the most popular. To this day, most of the velvet you will find is actually silk-velvet. But this is actually a mix of silk and rayon. Sometimes, cotton is also used in the making of velvet. Others fibers used include wool, mohair, and linen. Velvet is now a popular fabric used to make trousers, skirts, jackets, and evening dresses.

Properties of Velvet

velvet wrap dress

This is a heavy fabric with a strong sheen, which makes it look glossy. However, the properties can vary, depending on the material that is used to make the fabric. Silk velvet, for instance, has a shimmering surface and soft drape, while synthetic velvet made mostly from rayon have a stronger sheen, but doesn’t drape too well. Velvet is also extremely durable, irrespective of the material used.

Let us now take a look at some street style velvet trends that are rocking at this time.

Full Velvet Gown

velvet gown

This is a stunning full velvet gown look with sneakers. The combo works perfectly well for her. You can try this outfit or something like this if you are in an experimental mood.

Red Velvet Suit

velvet suit

Blue is the classic color of velvet. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear other colors. Be bold this season and go for red like the crushed red velvet suit you see in this picture. Wear it with black accessories. Both the colors go very well together.

Black Long Sleeve Dress

velvet long sleeve dress

Anna dello Russo, the famous street style star is seen wearing a long sleeves velvet dress from Prada with a sailor hat. This photo was taken in the Milan Fashion Week of 2017.

Velvet Designer Jacket

velvet jacket

Now it’s the turn of green after red and black – shows you can wear so many velvet colors if you want and look good in them. Check out the fashion designer Jane Morineau in the velvet jacket she designed herself. She is also wearing velvet trousers with Zara shoes. Add a belt to accentuate your look. This all velvet outfit is certainly attractive.

Velvet Pajama-Style Outfit

velvet outfit

Wear velvet in an informal way, like this pajama-style outfit. I am sure you will love how good the silk full sleeves top is looking with her velvet.

Velvet Top with Skirt

velvet top with skirt

Here’s another beautiful way you can wear velvet in the winter season. You can wear your velvet top with a skirt to showcase your high fashion look. The bag in this picture is the perfect accessory to carry.

Velvet Robe

velvet robe

A stunning longline velvet robe that is perfect for the daytime. Add preppy classic accessories like an oversized sunglass and black pumps to complete your look. You are going to look like a true street style fashionista in this outfit.

Velvet Trouser Outfit

velvet trouser

Classic velvet fabric looks good in trousers as well. Add a bit of rock punk and you will instantly upgrade how you look in your velvet pant. You can customize further by wearing a t-shirt with a ripped neckline and a scarf during the winter.

Velvet Jacket or Blazer

velvet blazer

Become an instant head-turner by wearing your velvet jacket or blazer like this. Wear the dress with black platform sandals.

Difference Between Velvet and Velour

Many people confuse between the two fabrics. There are indeed some similarities, but velvet and velour are two distinctively different fabrics. At best it can be said that velour is an imitation of velvet, and is more affordable.

velvet dress

Velour is a knit fabric with a cut pile. Velvet is a woven backed fabric, while velour is a knit fabric with stretch. Velour is stretchier as it is knitted. The fabric loses its sheen as the small loops are cut off during production.

How to Wash Velvet

Washing velvet at home is not easy as you cannot wash it like normal fabric. You have to dry clean it. Use a damp cloth to remove the small stains gently. Dip the cloth in warm water and rub on the stains. Dab till the time the fabric is dry. Better to dry clean if there are larger stains.


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