Velvet Outfits

Choose exciting velvet outfits from your wardrobe to pep up winter dressing. Extremely soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, velvet is a hot trend now. That’s why, many girls, and even the celebrities are often seen wearing this. You will have a distinctive soft feel when you wear your dress made with this. Plus, the material will also protect you against the elements on cold days.

Velvet fabric from Europe is perfect for the upcoming New Year and Christmas parties. So, dig out all your velvet garments today. Update your wardrobe if you need to. Vibrant colors look best on velvet, but you can sport a subtle look too if you want. There are actually plenty of styling options for you to choose from. Here are some ideas for you to use.

The Slit Dress

velvet slit dress

A ravishing beige slit dress is all you need to look drop dead gorgeous. This will be perfect for a cocktail party with light brown boots. Keep your hair messy and go for smoky eyes. You can be sure that all eyes will be fixed on you.

The Velvet Dungaree

velvet dunagree

An elegant white top teamed with a royal blue velvet dungaree is a great outfit to wear. You can also carry a leather jacket if you feel the cold. Animal printed pumps will certainly go with this dress. Your makeup can be subtle and you could tie the hair if you want.

The Black Velvet Dress

black velvet dress

A simple black velvet dress is a must have. This looks classy and can be worn for both formal and informal parties. Complete your look with a gorgeous clutch and a heavy earring. They will both look amazing.

Purple Dress Look

purple dress

Wear a quirky pair of sunglasses and a stylish purple velvet dress to sport that chic look. This is a very basic dress, but you need to carry it off well to make it eye catchy. Therefore a funky hairstyle might work and an attractive sling bag would complement the dress. You can also wear a big ring.

The Blingy Velvet Top

velvet top

I love blings and anything associated with it. A velvet bling spaghetti top and a white cardigan is the perfect combo. Get into your ripped light blue denims to appear dapper. You can give fashion goals to your friends by wearing this.

The Brown and Wine Look

velvet with cardigan

I also have a camel brown long cardigan and a similar wine dress which I wore last winter. I have plans of wearing the outfit this fall as well because my friends kept complimenting for my choice. Perhaps I will add a little twist to this so I don’t appear repetitive.

Jacket Over Shirt Look

velvet jacket outfit

This is all about layering. A tank or a basic black top paired with a blue shirt looks great. But you can make it look quirky by layering it with a velvet jacket. You will do well by wearing high lace boots with this. Don’t forget to carry your glares.

The Flare Maroon Dress

maroon flare dress

Flare dresses might be common but here is a bright maroon dress that will only make your wardrobe more awesome. A junk neckpiece will go perfectly with this; and black stalking would look cool too. Stilettos are ideal for dresses like these.

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