Velvet Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is both classy and playful, and it is stylish and comfortable as well. Velvet will be a perfect choice of material when the temperature is dropping or it has become cold already. When you are swaddled head-to-toe in velvet, you feel the sensation as if you are lying down on fluffed pillows or are wrapped in a plush hotel bathrobe. It can be very comfortable. But make no mistake. Velvet jumpsuits are very fashionable too. The jumpsuit will surely enhance your look and make you a true fashionista.

velvet jumpsuit

The fabric is always an excellent canvas, over which you can add accessories and layers and style to suite the season, and your personality. The velvet trend has been hot this season, so now is a great time to add one of these cozy one-pieces to your wardrobe. You can wear a velvet jumpsuit casually, formally, and to a weekend party. It is indeed an extremely versatile piece of clothing you are going to find most useful.

how to wear a velvet jumpsuit

Here’s how you can style your jumpsuit –

  • You can wear the dress as it is. There are so many styles, fun prints, and patterns that there will always be plenty of options to choose from.
  • Velvet is always glam. But you can also style up your jumpsuit by wearing it with a pearl belt. Just make sure to contrast the colors. Sometimes a belt even in the same color will look good. I like the wide-leg style, like what you see in the first photo. It’s long and flowing, and looks lovely.
  • In fact, the addition of a belt to a figure-flattering and well-defined waist is going to make you look even better any day. You can choose either a wide or a skinny statement belt. You will take the outfit to the next level by adding the belt.

jumpsuit with belt

  • You can easily throw on a cardigan, sweater or jacket over your jumpsuit to feel cozy in cold weather. This outfit looks great with booties or boots.
  • Make the ultimate fashion statement by adding color. Do this with accessories – pick from jewelry, shoes, and bags. Pops of color will make your velvet jumpsuit outfit look even better. Add a hat and you are all set to rock. It is sure to work. You will definitely stand out.

jumpsuit with coat

  • You can also add dimension to your jumpsuit by pairing the dress with a statement piece, fitted blazer, heels, and a scarf. You can dress up very quickly in this way for a formal occasion.
  • You can even wear a stylish off-the-shoulder top underneath your jumpsuit and even a turtleneck t-shirt if it is not too cold.
  • Finally, you should get a jumpsuit that is easy to remove. You don’t want to spend so much time at the restroom trying to get in and out of it. The design and the material both matters. Velvet is the perfect material as it so smooth always.

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