Velvet Holiday Outfits

It’s the holiday season, one time of the year when we work less, shop, go out with our friends, meet our relatives, relax, party hard, take a holiday, and enjoy life. We buy new dresses as we want to look the best. This year, I have decided to wear velvet often. It’s also one of the trendiest fabrics in 2017. From street style to party style to office wear, I am seeing velvet outfits everywhere. Girls are looking good in their velvet too. I am seeing velvet on the runways a lot more than before. Even the celebs are wearing it now.

black velvet dress

Of course, there are many ways of wearing velvet this season and for the holiday and New Year parties too. But I have decided to share two velvet holiday outfits here. I am hoping that you girls will be interested in these dresses. But before that, let us find out more about the fabric, and take a look at some of the types of velvet.

The Velvet Fabric

It is a luxury viscose of cotton fabric that has a distinctive short pile. Historically, it has been made from silk, and also from rayon, viscose, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Silk velvet is the most highly regarded. It has elastene too, giving it a stretching effect. Its magnificent look, luster, and superior physical properties make this an in-demand fabric. For a long time, the fabric was very popular with the nobility, but it went out of mainstream style for a while. Velvet is however back in fashion now. Not just as evening wear, girls are now wearing velvet even in the daytime.

The fiber makes it a pleasure to wear velvet – it feels luxurious and shows off your valued choice. It is the epitome of luxury.

Silk Velvet – This is soft, smooth, and shimmering. Silk velvet is lightweight too.

Cotton Velvet – Soft and sturdy. This fabric has less drape than the other velvet types.

Viscose/Rayon Velvet – This is quite similar to silk in terms of drape and quality, and is shiny and soft. It is blended usually with synthetic fibers or silk.

Synthetic Velvet – Made of 100% synthetic material, or is mixed with natural fibers. It is resistant to mildew, and is very soft.

Wool Velvet – Rich, soft, and textured. This variety is quite thick.

Linen Velvet – Rugged look. However, it is very soft and comfortable.

Stretch Velvet – Velvet with some spandex, lycra, or elastane.

Types of Velvet Fabric

There are many types of velvet fabrics you can choose for your dress, such as,

Crushed Velvet

Extremely lustrous, this type has a crinkle look. Crushed velvet is produced pressing the nap in different directions or by twisting the fabric when it is wet.

Devore Velvet

Sometimes also referred to as “burn-out”, there are some pile-free areas in this fabric where there is no pile, thus creating the pattern. The pile and ground are made from different fibers.

Lyons Velvet

This is a crispier and heavier fabric from Lyons in France. It has a thick pile.

Nacre Velvet

The pile and ground are made of different colors. It looks a bit like shot silk. Nacre velvet is shimmering in look.

Panne Velvet

The nap is pressed in one direction.

Pile-On-Pile Velvet

This is woven with piles that are of different heights.

Do also keep in mind that velveteen and velour sometimes looks a bit like velvet, but they are not the same fabric. There are distinct differences between the three fabrics.

Let me now share with you the two velvet holiday outfit ideas. Here they are –

Velvet Leggings

velvet leggings

When we think of velvet, usually what come to our mind first are blazers, coats, and even dresses. Somehow, leggings made of velvet remains below the radar always. It’s a pity because velvet leggings can look awesome too.

I am wearing the leggings with a super cute and comfortable white turtleneck sweater. You can dress down too if you want with this snugly sweater, such as, wearing it as lounge wear. And look how gorgeous my leggings are looking, a bit like denim I would say. If you are between sizes, I would recommend that you size down with your velvet leggings. If you are not into leggings, then there are velvet pants as well, but I find leggings so comfortable, and so wear them a lot.

Sparkling Velvet Outfit

sparkling camisole with velvet leggings

Here’s a second way to wear velvet this season. This time, you see a photo of a sparkling camisole with the same velvet leggings. I believe this outfit is just perfect for the holiday season and year end parties. What do you think? The camisole comes with a sexy back. It’s sparkling enough for those parties if you ask me. And the color combo is looking awesome as well. Ready to rock!

This dress will look great with Lucite heels. You can pick them for accessories. Besides, the heels will also provide the illusion of longer legs. A clutch bag is also going to look good with this outfit.

Bonus Velvet Outfit Ideas

Here are some other velvet outfit ideas for you –

Velvet Tank Top

velvet tank top

You can wear a grey velvet tank top in this way. Even the most casual outfit is going to look very special and fashionable.

Velvet Dress Outfit

velvet dress outfit

Here’s a thigh slit velvet dress that can be perfect for the party. This gorgeous dress is very elegant, but party-ready too.

Maroon Velvet Dress

maroon velvet dress

I am sure you will love wearing this open-back velvet dress. Wear a hat to make this outfit look more stylish.

White Coat and Black Velvet Leggings

white coat and black velvet leggings

Black and white is one of my favorite color combos. Black leggings can look really cool with a white coat and even a sweater or blazer. You will stay warm and looking trendy.

Velvet Pants

velvet pant outfit

Not into leggings? Wear silver flat shoes with your black velvet pant and a long sweater or jacket on top. You are sure to look more fashionable.


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