Velvet Fabric Manufacturers

Heavenly soft and tender, velvet fabrics have always been associated with the highest level of luxury. This fabric is known in Europe since the Middle Ages, and for several centuries it remained an attribute of nobility. Since the Industrial Revolution, velvet has become affordable for the middle class, however, its connotation with the attires for the crowned heads and their court entourage remained stable. During all its way up to the present day, this fabric has been applied in various fashion styles, and still inspires the most ingenious fashion designers of today. Not surprisingly, such an iconic fabric is created by the leading fabric manufacturers from France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Deeply in love with velvet, I’ve decided to introduce you those velvet manufacturers that influence the velvet trends of recent decades

  1. Bouton-Renaud. This couture brand from Lyon creates a great variety of velvet fabrics. Its collections include jacquard, plain or devore velvet fabrics, as well as accessories – shawls and scarves. Unlike its rivals in the list below, Bouton Renaud applies hand painting and accepts orders on custom designs, which is highly favoured by those individualists striving to create a completely unique look. What is more, the company’s success has been admitted by the government by receiving a label “The company of living heritage”. Luxury velvet fabrics by Bouton-Renaud are the guarantee of your impeccable look for any special occasion.Bouton-Renaud velvet dress
  2. Carnet. This prominent high fashion fabric manufacturer is located at Guanzate, which is just a few kilometres away from the legendary Italian textile province of Como. Such large manufacturers are known for massive investments into design and production facilities, and this company is certainly the case, as it regularly issues new fabric collections on the market. Carnet velvet fabrics fascinate with the range of designs: you can go for floral, Paisley, animal, geometric, abstract or solid – whatever you choose, it is created with the highest craftsmanship of Italian artisans. If you are keeping up the pace with annual fashion weeks, you can be sure that a considerable portion of velvets appearing on the catwalk has been woven on Carnet mills.paisley velvet outfit
  3. HOH Hoferhecht Stickereien. Fabrics by this Austrian manufacturer generally reflect the latest technological advances in textile manufacturing. This couture brand is no less remarkable for its team of masterly designers, aiming at giving any fabric an amazing vibe of luxury. The both characteristics are certainly true for velvet fabrics by HOH. Embroidered with intricate flower appliqués and beads, they are designed for the most exquisite evening dresses.Floral applique velvet dress
  4. Jakob Schlaepfer. Since the early years of its foundation, this Swiss brand has been perceived as a synonym to innovation in textile designs. Aiming at couture segment, the manufacturer from St. Gallen creates luxury fabrics of different types, and Jakob Schlaepfer velvet fabrics definitely deliver unique concepts by this brand. They come in a countless number of amazing designs – picturesque, whimsical, inspirational – such as tribal, kaleidoscopic, dimensional and lots of others.Luxury velvet dress
  5. Redaelli. This Italian brand is particularly renowned for its velvet fabrics. Taking most of cutting-edge innovative technologies, finest organic fibres and numerous colourways, this manufacturer creates true textile masterpieces. Redaelli highly respects an individual approach to its customers and is always open to implementing custom orders in terms of design. From stretch velvet to velvet devore, from stylish solid to timelessly popular Paisley, velvet fabrics by Redaelli is a trustworthy option for the most exclusive evening dresses and outfits.Redaelli velvet logo

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