Velvet Dress

The woven tufted fabric, velvet, is one of the most stylish dress materials of all time. It is smooth, comfortable to wear, and extremely fashionable. Some things just don’t fade away and it’s the same with velvet. The trend started back in the 90s and it’s still very much in. You can wear a velvet outfit during the winter, and also when the temperature is moderate. A dress made out of velvet looks gorgeous. Improve your look by styling it in an innovative way.

Before we look at some velvet dress ideas, let us find out the types of velvet fabrics.

The 4 Types of Luxury Velvet Dress Fabrics

Velvet Fabric — The luxury fabric with a cut pile, the best
Cotton Velvet Fabric — The type of velvet, which is constructed from 100% cotton
Stretch Velvet Fabric — Velvet with inclusions of elastane
Velvet Devore Fabric — Velvet fabric where you will find a chemical burnout effect

With velvet, you will find many shades and lights, and because of this, the color depth keeps varying. Dramatic draped effect that creates folds makes the effect even more impressive. It’s not surprising that velvet has always been the preferred choice of the nobles, and monarchs.

The best quality velvet fabric is now made in Europe. Some renowned brands include Bouton-Renaud, Redaelli, Pontoglio, Jakob Schlaepfer, and Carnet.

Let us now take a look at a few great ways of wearing velvet.

Maroon Velvet Pant and Cardigan

maroon velvet pant with cardigan

Velvet pants are good to look at. Wear a white long t-shirt with a beige loose knit cardigan. Add black glares and you can look like a true fashionista.

The Velvet Floral Shrug

velvet floral shrug

Imagine getting into a long bright yellow colored velvet shrug with flowers all over. This would certainly draw attention. You can make the shrug outfit look even more attractive by pairing it with denim shorts, a tank top and junk jewelries.

Combination of Distressed Boyfriend Jeans and Velvet Top

velvet top with jeans

This is a killer combination too. Your light mauve colored velvet top is going to look very subtle. And it is perfect to wear with a distressed loose jeans for a day outing or brunch with friends.

Velvet Jacket with Floral Dress

velvet jacket with floral dress

Floral dresses can be paired with almost everything – even a velvet jacket would go with it. All you have to do now is add stockings and a hat. They will both look great with this outfit.

Basic Velvet Dress with Long Sweater

velvet dress with sweater

This is a great combo for the winter months. Try wearing a wine colored basic velvet dress and a camel brown stripped cardigan, but you can choose other color combos as well. Add a big black sling bag to finish your look.

Long Skirt and Black Crop Top Look

skirt with crop top

Do you just love the maxi dress look? Then you should certainly try this long velvet skirt with a black crop top. This will surely be an eye catchy and stylish dress to wear.

The Gold Velvet Pleated Skirt

velvet pleated skirt

I like dressing up in an unconventional way. I am always looking for these things, and this golden pleated velvet skirt grabbed my attention instantly. You just need a classy black top and a stiletto to nail the outfit and look out of the box in this.

The Attractive Red Velvet Blazer Look

red velvet blazer

A hot red velvet jacket or a blazer is bound to grab all eyeballs. In fact, you can look even better when you pair with ripped jeans and a basic tee.

The Cold Shoulder Velvet Top

velvet top

A cold shoulder tops is a great party wear option. You can even wear velvet boots along with it to make it more dapper.

The Bottle Green Top

green top

Bottle green velvet tops are awesome and it turns out to be more stylish if you wear with high waist denim. Accessorize with a black bag to pack a punch.

Top 5 Dresses With Velvet

As you can see from the discussion above, there are many dress options, and many ways to wear velvet. But what would be the top 5 velvet dresses? Let us find out.

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is a runway favorite. You can have it made with different types of velvet for different effects. For instance, silk/viscose or silk makes it drapier, while the stiffer texture of cotton velvet will give you more body. You can play with silhouettes and sleeves.


Both velvet playsuits and jumpsuits look good. Slim silhouettes, wide-legged, and open backs will all attract attention. Stretch velvet gives you ease of movement. Another option is crushed velvet, which provides an interesting texture.


I personally will always recommend a velvet jacket for the winter wardrobe. You can choose from bomber jackets, classic cuts, longline blazers, and elongated open-front coats. Then there is embroidered velvet, which too looks great.


Velvet pants look amazing on the street, on special occasions, and sometimes, you may even wear them to work. The pants can be teamed up with many garments, such as tunics, turtlenecks, jackets, shirts, and blouses. You can hide the flaws and highlight your curves with velvet too. Stretch cotton velvet is a good option.


Velvet skirts are also a must have for your fall wardrobe. They look plush, and are comfortable and soft to wear. You can wear an offbeat cloche design, a pencil skirt, a pull-on style, or pleats. There are many choices.

Velvet has made a big comeback, so it’s a great idea to have a few dresses. Originally velvet was for the extremely rich only, but now just about anyone can wear grand dresses with this awesome fabric.


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