Velvet Care Tips

Velvet is adorable. Soft, tender and imbued with distinctive sheen, this fabric is irresistible to hover your hand upon. Velvet clothing has always been associated with refined luxury and never required many embellishments or complex cuts – the fabric itself is the major value.

The downside of such unique fabric, however, is its specific requirements to cleaning and caring. It should always stay clear of your cotton, linen, silk or wool garments expecting washing, as its treatment is quite specific due to the pile structure. At the same time, a proper care for velvet is not a rocket science at all, and is absolutely not a reason to not enjoy wearing it. Follow our tips, and your velvet clothes will stay in proper condition as long as you desire

1. How to clean velvet?

Velvet cleaning requirements are based on retaining its pile structure in a proper condition. Depending on the fibre, it can be treated variously: if your velvet is made of silk or cotton, you should wash it gently and comply all the below listed requirements. In case of synthetics, it should be way easier to clean using standard washing.

So, let’s have a look at the cleaning process of your garment made of natural fibres. The first thing you should know, dry cleaning is most preferable generally, as if washed, the garment can be spoiled in terms of pile structure, shape and colour. However, before rushing to a laundry, you can try the following methods, just be careful.

Imagine, you have a stain on your velvet dress. Follow these steps:

  • Gently brush the space on the fabric around the contaminated area with asoft clothes brush or lint free cloth moving your hand in one direction. After that, moisten that cloth with lukewarm water and gently dub the stain. Gently is the keyword here, as if pressed hard, the contamination may penetrate deeper into the pile, which will make it more difficult to get rid of.
  • No result? Don’t give up and try out the following method on a small velvet piece to ensure it works for your particular fabric.Take some washing-up liquid and mix it with warm water to create suds. Soak a lint free cloth with the suds and dab the stain. If any residues or excess water remain, remove it with a dry lint-free cloth. You can gently squeeze your cloth, but avoid wringing or twisting, – it can be harmful for this fabric.velvet cleaning

In case your attempts were unsuccessful, leave your garment to the hands of professionals in a laundry.

2. How to iron velvet?

So tender and gentle, velvet needs a very careful ironing to make your garment look neat. The rule of thumb here is not to use steaming in case you have a silk or crushed silk velvet garment. At least, not in the way you steam cotton shirts or pants – the velvet pile can be damaged by heat. Instead, just place your wrinkled garment in a steamy bathroom – the steam will do the job perfectly. If you need the velvet outfit right away – do use a steamer, but keep it 10 cm above the fabric surface and hover in the direction of the nap. Most importantly, you shouldn’t touch the velvet with the ironto prevent the imprints that are very likely to appear in case of the direct contact. It is just steam that does the trick! Velvet ironing

Once done, leave it to dry horizontally to avert undesired stretching.

3. How to store velvet?

The answer is – on a durable wooden hanger. There’s no general rule on how to fold velvet, as this fabric is very prone to wrinkling. Pay attention to the size and quality of your hanger to avoid sagging or shoulder traces.Hangers for velvet clothing

Velvet is a rather dust-absorbing fabric, which requires covering it with a cotton case. It may cover just shoulders as the most dust-collective zone, or even a big storage bag. The main specification here is its natural fabric origin, since synthetics can retain moisture inside of a bag, which can damage the fibres and cause the appearing of mildew.

Mind the physical conditions of the storage area as well. Ideally, it should be quite cool and dry, without temperature rises and drops.


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