Summer Weekend Getaway Outfit Ideas

Summer is all about having fun – camping and fishing trips, hiking holidays, trips to the beach, having fun during the weekends. This is a great time of the year for planning all those trips, whether it’s the cool mountain air or the beach fun that appeals to you. What you pack and wear is always a crucial decision because surely, you want to look stylish. Check out these ideas. I am sure this will help.

Denim Short With Tee

denim short with tee

This is a simple and staple outfit for an easy and relaxed day. Add a fun tote and colorful sandals and you are ready. Finding a nice pair of denim shorts is the key. They should be long enough, shouldn’t squeeze your thighs, and comfortable. Also, it should be stretchy and soft.

Blouse Outfit

printed blouse

A simple neutral-colored blouse in longer length is also good. This will look very good over your leggings and keep you comfortable when exploring or traveling. You can also tuck it into a skirt or jeans to get a polished look for the evenings.

Bright Dress Outfit

evening outfit

Speaking of evenings, here’s an outfit that is just apt. This is fun and glam, and will look stunning for an evening outing with friends. Pair it with sparkly accessories to look glam. The lace and high neck will make its sexy hemline look sophisticated. Cotton or cotton lace from Tissura will be a nice choice for fabric.

Casual Hat Outfit

casual outfit

If you are going hiking or camping, then get the protection you need. Apply sunscreen, and wear a sunglass. Add a hat to keep the sun rays from toasting the top of your head. Add something to keep you warm in case you plan to enter the woods. The temperature can go down sharply. And certainly you should be wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers. Make sure to pack them all.

City Outfit

city outfit

Perhaps there is a lot to see in your city that you haven’t seen yet. May be a new museum! Or perhaps, you are visiting a new city. For this, you need to wear something that is the right mix of chic and cozy. Wear denim or a comfortable skirt with a shirt or a nice top. Wear formal or casual, depending on where you are going, and the activities you will be doing. Bring it all together with the right footwear.

Summer Beach Outfit

beach outfit

If you are like me, then you will surely want to hit the beach during the summer. Comfort is the key when relaxing. There are so many dressing options here. You can wear a white or cream top with denim, perhaps an off-shoulder type. Or else, you can go with a long flowy dress. Pair a soft and blousy pant with a loose crop top and your cool fedora so you always look good.

Maxi Skirt Outfit

maxi skirt outfit

This is another good option for your weekend getaway. Pair the skirt with your form-fitting crop top. For footwear, you can go for fashionable flats. Such an outfit is never going to let you down.


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