Striped Cotton Dress

A striped cotton dress is not a trend anymore. It has become a must-have for any wardrobe. It is an essential thing that you must have. And for good reasons too! There is nothing easier or chicer than styling a striped dress. You can try so many colors – the choice is virtually endless. Even black and white can look gorgeous.

black and white dress with jacket

Classic, but bold, the black and white combo can look good throughout the day. For this fall, you can easily pump up your outfit by wearing a shirtdress, a silk skirt, or a leather jacket. You can even wear a denim jacket and look good in it.

Striped Dress with Sweater or Jacket

striped top with skirt

There are many other ways of wearing a striped dress. For instance, you can wear the dress with a skirt, and add a slider and roll-neck sweater if there is chill in the air. Just look at the picture of this outfit below. The green jacket complements the green stripes of this dress so well. You can be sure to look good in this outfit. I personally like the look of this one. All you have to do is just take off your jacket and wrap it around the hips when it is too hot to wear it.

striped dress with jacket

You may also clash or mix stripes on stripes with opposing lines. Black and white lines can be paired so well with bright colors, such as hot pink, orange, and scarlet and many others. Or you can contrast white and red stripes with your nude clutch. Be creative. Play with the colors and experiment, to find out what works for you the best. Another option is to get color and width variety.

Striped Shirtdress with Ripped Jeans

striped shirtdress with ripped jeans

You may also wear animal prints or floral patches. Go for a ripped jeans and heels combo and wear it with your slouchy striped shirt or hooped sweater. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Here are some more ways of wearing a striped dress…

Striped T-Shirt with Overalls

striped t-shirt with overalls

Wear a black and white striped t-shirt in this way with black overalls. Accessorize adequately. You can carry black accessories with this outfit as well, including your footwear, a hat or cap, watch, and your bag – all in black.

Striped Dress with Cardigan

striped dress with cardigan

Layer efficiently for the fall or winter by adding a bright cardigan over your striped cotton dress! You can go for leopard prints as well. They go very well too with stripes.

Blue and White Striped Dress

blue and white striped dress

A striped dress doesn’t always have to be black and white, though that is the classic. Here is a stunning blue and white cutout dress for you to look at. This outfit will make you look gorgeous in the daytime when you wear it with a hat and sandals.

Ladylike Striped Dress

ladylike striped dress

Here’s one more way to wear a blue and white striped dress, in a different shade. Accessories are adding polish here into this sporty dress. The studded belt highlights the waist very well and makes it feel less t-shirty, while the wedge espadrilles provide height. The scarf too looks good with this outfit.

Check out the history of the striped cloth. I am sure you will find this a very interesting read.


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