Silk Scarf Styling

A cozy scarf wrapped around your neck is a bright idea for the winter. It looks good and is the perfect piece of clothing to get protection from the elements. You can even experiment by wearing the scarf in so many ways. Just team it up with different outfits. Scarves are extremely pocket-friendly as well, and that’s why they are wardrobe essentials when the temperature takes a dip. I end up stocking a lot of them just before the winter season. Cotton scarves are good, but a silk scarf always grabs my attention. Here are some draping tricks to wear it this winter. Take a look.

The Bohemian Bandana:

head bang look

I sometimes take a step ahead and try something unusual. For example, I use my scarves as head bangs. All you need to do is fold the scarf and wrap it around your head. It will instantly give you a bohemian look. Wear it with a white flowy dress and some neck accessories. This is the perfect music concert look.

The Flowery Scarf:

floral printed scarf

I can never take out floral prints out of my mind while purchasing a scarf. I feel that every girl should at least have one of these as it looks beautiful. A navy blue flowery scarf with red borders creates an awesome look, especially when teamed with a light beige blazer.

Wear it Like a Belt:

scarf like a belt

You can wear a scarf in different ways, like I have already mentioned. Apart from tying this around your neck or head, you may also wear it as a belt. It is sleek in appearance and gives you a different look. Try it with denim and a loose light blue shirt. Wear a navy blue or a black scarf in this way.

The Animal Print:

animal print scarf

Animal prints are not outdated. You can pick up a leopard scarf and style with an all black outfit. This will surely make you look hot.

Tie it Around Your Wrist:

scarf around wrist

This is another great way to create a dapper look. You can tie your silk scarf around your wrist and sport it like a boss. I have tried this often and felt good about it.

Make it Tight:

tight scarf look

Take your favorite scarf and tie it a little tight around your neck. This is the coolest scarf look ever and I have been doing this since college. But make sure not to choke yourself.

Wear it Like a Hair Band:

scarf as hair band

You need to be very creative to come up with this look. But before that, you have to know how to make a bow, which is quite easy really. It shouldn’t be a problem for you. Once done, take your scarf and make a bow like a hair band, and wear it. This will give you a very innovative and fashionable look.

Vacation Look:

scarf bandana look

We all like to sport cool dresses when we go on a vacation, but we need to style properly as well. This amazingly cool bandana look is giving me major vacation vibes. Just tie a bun and wrap your scarf to it to get this look.


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