Red Velvet Trend

The velvet trend has been ‘on’ and ‘off’ over time. And it’s mostly been about the blue color, which is how velvet dresses have looked traditionally. This year, though, it is a completely different story. The velvet trend is really hot this year, and it is the fiery red color that is lighting up the runways. From Fendi to Max Mara, the designers are painting the town red. In fact, this red shade is so intense that you surely cannot miss it.

red velvet outfit

You will love it or hate it, but you simply cannot ignore this trend. The fall trend this year is like a luxurious vampire movie where intense red is mixed with brown, burgundy, black, and even high red boots that go all the way to the crotch from below the mid-length high-slit dresses. I love to sport a bold look sometimes, and this is just perfect for those occasions. For other times, there are softer shades of red velvet outfits. But the bold red velvet dresses are making a style statement this fall.

red velvet dress

Girls are also wearing burgundy or brown fur collars with their red outfit to make it appear like a uniform from just after the WWII days. And no, it isn’t looking like you are Santa Claus arriving much before Christmas. One more option is to wear a full sleeve red velvet dress with a design or embroidery all over the body like what you see in this picture. I am sure you will certainly make a style statement with this outfit.

red velvet sweater

Red velvet dresses are certainly the most sexy and sleekest this year. They are good for the season too. Full red outfits with a sweater or bag are also some of the easiest dresses to pull off when you want to make a fashion statement in your everyday life. You can wear red to work, during the evening, or when you are feeling special. You can carry it beautifully and turn heads if red is a color you want to show.

What Makes the Red Velvet Dress So Special

red velvet street style dress

If you ask me, these dresses are certainly looking rich, sophisticated and luxurious. Subtle or subdued shades have made winter dressing look dull for far too long. I am obsessed with color, and have been experimenting with whatever came to my mind. So this red trend was like a savior for me, fashion wise.

There are plenty of options to choose from as well, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to the red velvet jacket. Here are some style combos to try.

red velvet style combo

  • Wear a head-to-toe red outfit
  • Try a thigh high stiletto with red boots
  • Wear a red velvet skirt with red sweater. Finish your look with a red bag
  • Carry red leather with your red velvet dress.
  • An embroidered red top with white or blue denim
  • A red printed t-shirt with red pants and velvet jacket
  • You can also pair red with blue, brown, or burgundy in wonderful ways

all red velvet outfit

Are you daring enough to wear an all-red velvet outfit this winter? If you are not willing to cross that line, at least go modest to mix-and-match colors with your red sweater or puffer red jacket.


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