Red Carpet Fabrics

The big Oscar 2018 is just a month away. Like every time, this year too, I will be looking eagerly at all those stunning red carpet dresses and evening gowns. You can also add a beautiful red carpet worthy dress to your wardrobe, even if you haven’t been invited to the Oscars. The dress will surely look great on that special occasion.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on dresses, inspired by the celebrities. You can have something prepared with fabrics that look fantastic as evening gowns and red carpet dresses. Here are some of the best fabric choices for you –


velvet evening gown

Its depth, shine, drama, and richness make velvet a great choice. Velvet is the perfect fabric for a vampy, sexy and feminine dress. I love the velvet fabric for its beautiful and strong sheen, elegant and soft drape, textured and soft touch, shimmering surface. It is also durable, strong, and feels smooth on touching. The fashion industry is in love with the fabric, and for good reasons too. I personally love marbled velvet because of its luxurious, soft feel, and for the ‘marbled’ effect it provides.


chiffon evening gown

Chiffon, which is made from rayon, cotton, silk or synthetic fibers is also one of my favorite materials for gowns. It’s a lightweight and fine fabric, offering a beautiful drape, which makes it a great choice for a red carpet gown. Chiffon is supple, soft, and made from tightly and loose twisted yarns. The material is transparent and taut. It gathers and drapes very well. You can go for silk chiffon as it looks elegant as evening wear.


silk georgette gown

I am in love with georgette, particularly the silk georgette fabric for its flowing and bouncy drape. I also like its slightly rough, crepe like texture. This fabric is so distinctive, making me feel quite special whenever I wear it. Georgette is usually made with silk, but it can also be made from synthetic yarns like polyester. Many girls now create their evening dresses and gowns with georgette. It looks goods with applications and embroidery like sequins and beads.


sequined crepe gown dress

Crepe is another fabric I am in love with. This flowing, woven is another great fabric for elegant and formal wear. You will love crepe’s properties, like its textured and grainy surface, matte face, and slightly wrinkled or creased appearance. The texture gives this fabric a lot of character. It is very lightweight too. The fashion world loves crepe also because of its stunning drape and softness.


satin evening dress

You can create an amazing red carpet or evening dress also with satin. This opulent and chic fabric offers a shiny face, adds depth, drama and movement. Many celebs are often seen wearing satin and looking great in it. A dynamic fabric, satin is also used in bedding, upholstery, and furnishings.


organza ball gown

An organza evening dress is sure to look special always. Organza is made from synthetic fabrics or silk. I personally prefer silk. The organza gown creates a waterfall of cascading effect, which catches the light in a subtle way, making you look gorgeous.


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