Best Ways Of Wearing A Printed Dress In The Summer

Every summer I visit the beach and love to wear my bikini. This is also the time of the year for those lace-up sandals and rooftop cocktail parties. The other thing about the summer I love are those wonderful prints. Winter is often associated with moody, dark colors, which in my opinion is not always true. But having said this, the summer color palette is definitely more cheerful and happier. I love those bright colors, polka dots, and floral prints.

What patterns to wear in the summer is not always an easy decision, especially if you are someone who sticks to a single color wardrobe. However, there are so many ways of upgrading your wardrobe with patterns. There are those one printed pieces, for a start. You can then mix and match the colors and prints to showcase your summer side. I am sure you are going to look fab on those hot days.

The Florals

floral prints

I am all for floral prints in the summer. A top with these prints are almost like the summer staple, but there are other ways to plan an outfit as well. For example, to wear a bohemian look, you can go for a pant with a flower print instead. Bold colors can also be nice, especially paired with a crop top.


striped t-shirt

The striped t-shirt is another classic for the weather. It’s another classic like the black pant or the button-down shirt. The dress in this photo gives you the nautical-themed look. Stay away from the sailor hat. A red and white top with your flared skirt will also look good. You can wear this with your white heels.

Printed Dots

printed pant

This year there are no boundaries, no limitations. You can wear flowy patterns, bell bottoms, skinny jeans, printed bottoms, ripped denim, and even boyfriend pants. Just wear your style and carry with confidence. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Mix and match, be who you are.

Printed Pant With Crop Top

printed pant with crop top

Here’s another way to wear a printed pant. A crop top will go hand in hand with your pant. They complement each other very well. Wear a matching top. Or else, you can go for a monotone crop top so that the focus is on your pant. That’s some fashion sense that will highlight your creative side.

Bright Colors

yellow skirt

Summer is the time for bright colors, like I said before. Here’s a leopard print I fell in love with immediately. You can pair this bold printed leopard blouse with a bright yellow skirt in this way. Wear oxford shoes. Round sunglasses for accessories!

Geometric Patterns

geometric pattern

You may not have loved geometry in school, but you can still wear it without knowing the degree of angles or solving X. Geometric patterns printed on fabric look cool, like this one here. There are triangles, quadrilaterals, and many crazy shapes to choose from. These outfits will surely set you apart from the crowd.

Stars and Stripes

star print dress

The best thing I love about the summer are the evenings. The gentle evening breeze is so cool and comfortable. Why not bring out the stars on your dress? You can also wear an outfit with stars and stripes on the Fourth of July.


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