Best Ways Of Wearing A Pink Plaid Shirt

The red and black boyfriend shirt is usually the most popular plaid dress. The white and black checkered shirt is also popular. But the problem is, you will look boyish in both these dresses. I will show you a way to wear the plaid shirt outfit and yet look feminine and fashionable. Try pink, perhaps the most feminine color. You can also combine pink with blue, navy, and white to achieve very good results.

Here are some outfit ideas you can try –

Boyfriend Pink Plaid Shirt and Knee High Boots

pink plaid boyfriend shirt outfit

Often, an extremely minimal outfit can also make you look gorgeous. Like, for instance, this dress you see in the photo. Just wear your plaid pink boyfriend button up shirt with the classic blue denim. You can pair this with leather knee high boot in brown color to complete your look.

White Long-Sleeve Tee With Washed Jeans And Pink Plaid Shirt

pink plaid shirt outfit

It’s a very simple and yet creative outfit that will make you stand out. Wear a white long-sleeve form fitting t-shirt under your pink plaid shirt. Roll up the sleeves now so that the sleeves of your tee are visible. Heavily washed blue jeans will look good with this. Or you can also try grey denim. Complete your look with white sneakers to look casual. You can also wear leather ankle boots with this outfit.

White Jeans With Pink Plaid Shirt

pink plaid shirt with jeans

I am sure you are going to love this gorgeous outfit. Wear your pink and white plaid shirt with your white skinny jeans. It can also be ripped if you want to appear more casual. For footwear, you may go for pink ankle strap-open toe heels. This will give you an overall pink look, which will be very refreshing and apt. You can source your favourite shirting fabric from the Tissura online store. Pick from many colors and patterns.

Cropped Jeans, Grey Boots With Pink And Navy Plaid Shirt

plaid shirt with cropped denim

It is time to introduce another color – navy blue. Pick a navy blue and pink plaid shirt as the main piece of your dress. Now combine this by trying it with your skinny denim. It can be cropped as well. Your shirt can also be slim fit. You can wear this outfit with ankle heeled boots if you want to appear taller. This will be a very slimming outfit. Carry a brown purse to complete your look. Here’s a brief history of the plaid shirt.

White And Pink Knotted Shirt And Black Denim

plaid shirt with black denim

I will now share with you one simple trick that will certainly make you appear slimmer. Simply tie a knot at the end of your shirt and you are going to achieve the results you want. For instance, wear this white and pink plaid shirt knotted. Try black skinny jeans with this. Complete your look by wearing black ballet flats.

Plaid Shirt With Leopard Scarf

plaid shirt with scarf

Wear a pink flannel plaid shirt with your leopard chiffon scarf and you will achieve a breezy and unique look. This will go well with skinny cuffed denim in grey color. You can wear ankle boots with this outfit. Carry the right accessories and you will look a stunner.


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