How To Dress Right For Work

It’s a constant worry. Will my dress be right for the office? Am, I looking too casual or is my outfit too formal? Achieving the perfect balance is often the key here – you need to be somewhere between formal and casual in many workplaces.

work outfit ideas

Of course, there is also the consideration of the season, weather, and the day of the work too. Most offices now do not have a dress code. But having said this, there is still convention. For instance, it may be improper to wear denim on a Monday in a corporate setup, but wearing it on a Friday might still be OK if you do not have a meeting or a presentation coming up.

Dressing in the morning isn’t always easy. But we still have to get dressed. You will want to avoid wearing athletic pants all day, unless of course, you are into athletic training. So what exactly is an office appropriate outfit?

how to dress for work

What you should pick will depend on the kind of workplace you work at, and whether there is a dress code there or not. But here is a general formula that will help you pick the right outfit for your workplace.

Business Formal Dressing For The Office

The most common business clothing includes skirt suits, pants and blazers. But remember, the suit should end slightly above your knees. Above this, you can wear a jacket or a cardigan that ends at your hips. If you ask me, lightweight suits are a bit boring for women. So remember to add good accessories. For footwear, you can choose a pointed toe pump. It may not be right to wear those platform shoes. Chances are, you won’t look your best in them.

business formal outfit ideas

For the winter, you can wear a tweed dress suit or a bright color pant suit. For an off-duty day, you may even wear denim.

Business Casual Office Dressing Rules

Yes, you can wear casual outfits at the work place, but this doesn’t mean that anything will go. You will still want not to look sloppy.

business casual

A short sleeve top with a topper like for instance a light vest or blazer is always going to be appropriate. I suggest that you avoid wearing off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops. Leave them for a night out. Also, don’t wear flip flops even if you are allowed to wear casual. They are best for the pool and beaches. A casual sandal will be better if your workplace allows casual dressing. If you have to wear a closed toe shoe, then go for a cut out bootie, ballet flat or pump.

winter work outfits

You can wear a casual bottom like a cropped pant. However, stay away from short skirts or shorts. For transitional dressing, try lightweight dresses, but not sundresses. You can always wear the same dress with tights when the weather begins to cool. You can wear a transitional dress with your pump, and with booties, a cardigan and tights later in the fall.

To achieve different looks, mix and match bottoms with different business casual tops.


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