Unbeatable Hiking Outfit Ideas You Will Love

Hiking is a favorite summer activity. With the Sun out there and good weather, I love to go into the woods spend time there, appreciating the beauty of nature. Backpacking and hiking are hobbies I enjoy genuinely. But those who have done this will realize that dressing for the outdoors can be really tricky. What will you actually need? How much will be too baggy? Of course, you will want to look good as well. Plus, there needs to be a fine balance between durability and aesthetics.

There is no standard uniform for hiking, of course, but having said this, there should still be some general rules.

Hiking Pants

hiking outfit ideas

Can you wear yoga pants for hiking? Yes, you can certainly wear one with a t-shirt. In fact, you will see many girls wearing their gym clothing on the trail. They are stylish, you probably have them already, and most importantly, you can move in them easily. Pick rugged and durable yoga pants.

If you prefer tights over leggings, the avoid cotton. This is not the best fabric for insulation. Cotton will absorb and hold moisture, so you will run a higher risk of hypothermia. Also, tight fitting leggings won’t protect you against mosquito bites.

hiking pant

So what do you select? I suggest you pick something that is light, won’t tear or rip easily, and a material that dries quickly, which will be useful if you get caught in the rain. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are better here. Also make sure that your pants have big pockets. You will find them very useful.

Hiking Tops

hiking top outfits

“Cotton kills” is common knowledge with most regular hikers and campers. Cotton will stick to your body if you sweat a lot. You may catch a cold if you don’t change quickly, which is bad news out there in the wild.

Focus on layering to bridge the gap between function and form. I personally prefer Merino wool, as it will keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot outside. Plus, the fabric also keeps the stink away. Opt for a quick dry fabric, which will keep you comfortable on sweaty hikes.

hiking jacket

Wear a lightweight and well-insulated down jacket if you will be hiking in cold weather. It won’t add bulk, and will keep you warm. But make sure that it is backpack friendly. You should be able to pack and store it easily.

Accessories And Shoes

hiking shoes

Don’t go out there without wearing some type of hat. But make sure that it is large enough to cover your neck region as well. There are so many fun patterns and colors to choose from. Also, remember to carry good underwear and socks – little things that will matter a lot.

And certainly, you will need good walking or running shoes. This is actually a no-brainer. Be careful here. It is best to do some research on the terrain before you pick your footwear. Remember, you need different footwear for rocky and muddy terrain.


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