The Fresco Fabric

What most people know of Fresco is that, it is a type of mural painting done on wet lime or freshly laid plaster. It is usually done on walls or ceilings. The color is applied when the surface is wet. But the term “Fresco” applies to fabrics as well. It is designed with a porous plain weave and highly twisted yarn. Fresco is a cool and crisp fabric. It is crease resistant, and extremely lightweight, making the fabric a great choice for the summer months. You will feel comfortable in fresco even on the hottest days of the year.

The Fabric

fresco fabric

The fabric is generally made of several yarns, highly twisted wool, and is known for its plain weave. Its high twist allows the open weave, which is why the fabric is so airy. You will be able to feel even the slightest breeze. It has a coarse feel, and a hard touch because of its high twist. But this also makes it an extremely dense and durable fabric. These days, the weight of fresco ranges between 8oz and 15oz for each yard, but in the 1950s, it used to be between 11oz and 18oz. Your fresco clothing will be with you for many years with just a few basic precautions. The fabric, available in three weights, has the composition of 100% wool.

fresco suit

You can tailor the cloth beautifully, with many timeless checks, stripes, and plains for formal business wear. It can be the fabric of choice for the warmer months, or for those who want to stay crisp and neat always. With this fabric, there will never be any wrinkles, even with the toughest use.

Fresco Colors, Patterns

fresco summer suit

Like I have mentioned already, fresco is an extremely lightweight fabric, and it is see-through also, particularly when you look at it against light. For covering this up, fresco has many rich colors to reduce its see-through characteristic. But unfortunately, there only a few patterned frescos. In most, you will find slightly mottled plain colors.

Drape, Feel

fresco jacket

Go with a slightly heavier version if you prefer a better drape. Its open weave will make you feel comfortable even in the summer, particularly if it is windy. Also remember, it won’t be as see-through, if your fresco is heavier. Thanks to its drape, you can get an unlined fresco suit, which again amplifies the cooling effect.

best summer fabrics

This will be very comfortable on the hottest days, but it may not be that easy at the beginning or end of summer, when it is cooler. Also, you are going to feel it immediately as soon as there’s a little breeze or the sun has gone down. So, fresco shouldn’t be your coat or suit fabric for the whole year. It is good when it’s hot. Go for an unlined fresco garment if it is always hot at your place.

Fresco For Travel

The fabric is very durable, has a hard wearing, dense structure and coarse hand. It is a great travel fabric during the hot months because of all these characteristics.


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