7 Best French Wedding Dress Designers

Do they make them the best in France? Possibly! I am a big fan of French fashion, and all those elegant ladies who often have the best in their wardrobe. Some of the best and most popular wedding dress designers are also French, and that is not a coincidence. Many of them are so understated, always modern, and boho in their work. They will sometimes throw away structures from the window, making me wonder whether the dress will look good on a person who isn’t slim. Corsets and structures are for this after all. They put all the bits and pieces into the right places.

There are thankfully many awesome French designers out there. Here are some of my personal favorites. Check them out.

Constance Fournier

constance fournier collection

Quite frankly, she is quite new to me. I haven’t been following her work for a long time, but what I have seen for now has bowled me over. You cannot miss the incredible bullfighting and flamenco design echos. The dresses are simply awesome. It is the intricate detailed work that makes them so interesting. You will notice the awesome clean lines, which makes them look so beautiful.

Delphine Manivet

delphine manivet bridal

In Manivet’s work you will find everything that makes French designers so great and their wedding gown designs so awesome. They are all beautifully made and extremely tasteful in appearance. There’s always an element that make them look so cool in a positive way.

Suzanne Ermann

suzanne ermann bridal

The wedding dresses of Suzanne are completely unique. You will love the timeless designs of her gowns that are extremely feminine and contemporary. It’s the sophisticated simplicity of her work that makes them stand out. The cuts are always clear. Proportions fit the body precisely. Her wedding gowns have been described as ‘classics, but with modern twists’.

Laure De Sagazan

laure de sagazan bridal

Here is another French designer whose bridal designs stand out. They are one of my personal favorites as well. You are sure to instantly notice the flowy, beautiful gowns where there is not a bit of structure. She makes this list very comfortably.

Margaux Tardits

margaux tardits bridal

This is a new label, but one that has already created waves. However, Margaux has a lot of experience with backgrounds in Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta, both design giants. Margaux brings together beautiful clean lines, on-trend styles, and amazing details very well, such as a gold leaf belt, for example. You are sure to love her work.

Rime Arodaky

rime arodaky bridal

If you want something that will be cool and yet sexy, then you can safely go with this designer. In her work, you will notice lots of laser cut lace, loose flowing garments, and separates that look truly charming.

Manon Gontero

manon gontero collection

Just look at the Manon Gontero 2018 collection. The designs are edgy, cool, and yet extremely feminine and classy. You can bet on this collection if you want a unique and eye-candy wedding gown.


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