Beautiful Floral Dresses For The Bridesmaids

There’s a new trend the bridesmaids are increasingly wearing now – floral dresses. As I see it, the bridesmaid dresses are now getting less traditional, as more and more people are open to experimenting. Yes, matching dresses are still preferred by most and remain timeless as ever, but you will find many creative and adventurous brides who are telling their entourage to go mismatched and sometimes even select printed. And in this, the floral prints seem to be the most popular choice. They are looking very pretty too.

floral bridesmaids dress

It was impossible not to notice the entourage of Belle Daza, the Filipino model, television host, and actress in the pastel colored floral dresses, which were stunning. These dresses certainly looked effortlessly elegant and beautiful. You can achieve a similar look by making them wear pegs and going for a color scheme. But make sure that they all look fit together very well.

floral wedding dresses

There is another way of doing it. You can assign the floral dresses to just a few if you don’t want the entire entourage to be dressed up in this way. That too will look good, as you see in the photo above. In other words, go for a combo. This will be a great mix, as you will have a pop of print in the dresses, which will enhance the entire mood of your wedding.

whimsical printed dress

The dress can be based on white too, like this one here. This timeless silhouette is sure to look awesome on many sizes and shapes. But it is the whimsical print, which is making this a special choice. The choice of color here is making this look quite like a fairy tale affair. Such a choice won’t be too costly as well, but you will still make your besties look gorgeous. There is scope for alterations too. You can also add spaghetti straps if you like for those with larger chests. Focus on the silhouette if you want to be more traditional. Check out the bridal fabric collection of Tissura here.

butterfly dress

On the other hand, if you want something fun and more flirtatious, then you can go for a butterfly dress like this one. It will add a more celebratory and youthful vibe. Plus, the ladies will be able to wear this look even after the wedding. I am sure this will be an awesome vacation dress. The yellow floral print will look gorgeous at the wedding. This is a great choice for a destination or garden wedding.

bridesmaid dress ideas

You may also make them wear a muted tone, such as gray. But make sure that the cut of the dresses are varied. Also, it’s not a necessity that they must be of floor length. Short dresses will also be good. Just see how well it looks here.

classic dress

A classic black dress with florals is a great choice for the season. It carries an evening vibe. The flutter sleeve with add romance and softness to its overall look as well. This will always be a good choice if you are looking for something formal.


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