Top 5 Denim Jacket Styles

Denim jackets, which are also called jeans jackets are a wardrobe essential. Every girl should have at least a few of them because these jackets come in different styles. We wear them from childhood even before the teenage years to late in life. Yes, the washes and colors have changed quite a bit over the years, but these jackets have always been the workhorse no matter what the time of the year. Often, you can wear one even in transitional weather. These are true and tried pieces of clothing that I believe is a must-have for any wardrobe.

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It is good to realize that denim at the top also changes just like the denim you wear at the bottom. The denim jacket is often short, long, dark, light, frayed, embellished or stitched with changing times. However, the old-fashioned lighter wash denim jacket has always stayed popular. Plus, with this, you can always dress down if your outfit feels like it is too dressed up. Of course, it will keep you warm too.

There are many ways to wear a jeans jacket.

Different Ways To Wear A Denim Jacket

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For instance, you can wear it over your dress if the day is warmer, or for a colder day, wear it with a sweatshirt, with a hooded sweater or under your blazer. For an in-between casual and dressy look, wear the jacket with your t-shirt and black pants.

To have maximum versatility, always have at least a few types of jeans jackets in your wardrobe. The different styles are good for different vibes, styles, and of course the season when you are wearing it. However, they are all classics that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

5 Best Jeans Jacket Styles

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#1 – The Classic Light Wash – This is the classic and so is the style to start with. This denim style should be the building block to create a versatile wardrobe.

#2 – Cropped Jacket With Dresses And Skirts – This should also be a staple. The important thing to look for is where the jacket ends. Where it hits with a skirt or dress will break or make the outfit like it is with the cardigan. Always make sure that your jacket ends between your hip and the lowest rib. It should be a bit cropped so that it looks stylish without being frumpy.

#3 – Overstyled Jeans Jacket – After getting the classic and cropped, it is time to add styles, which are more fun.

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#4 – Longer Trucker Jacket – Here’s a new style worth your look. We have been seeing denim jackets getting longer recently. This style will look good over your slim slip dress and a skinny pant.

#5 – Jacket With Shearling Detail – This will also be a great addition. You can go for faux or real fur. However, it is the pairing of creamy fur and the denim that makes it look quite awesome.

How many types of denim jackets do you have? Which style will you pick if you are thinking of adding one this season? Do let me know.


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