Everything You Need To Know About The Cotton Lawn Fabric

Cotton lawn is a sheer and airy fabric that feels extremely soft and luxurious against your skin. Lightweight, it is much like voile or batiste, but with more structure. It has a plain weave and an un-textured and smooth surface. The finish is crisp. It is crisper than voile. Organdy however, has more crispiness. The threads are fine, which is why the fabric creates subtle drapes. The fabric is also used for linings. Cotton lawn is a very good fabric to wear in the summer months because of these features.

As the name suggests, lawn cloth is made usually of 100% cotton. However, you will find lawn in other types of fibers too. Actually, the term “lawn” comes from the French city of “Laon” where the linen lawn fabric used to be manufactured in large quantities. The fabric was also produced first here.

cotton lawn outfit

The cotton lawn fabric has become very popular in recent years. It is used for making children’s wear, shirts, blouses, tops, pinafores, and dresses. You can wear in the summer or spring. Lawn cloth is also popular in nightwear and handkerchiefs.

Characteristics Of Lawn Cloth

  • It is a lightweight fabric having a plain weave.
  • It is usually a sheer and opaque cloth.
  • The fabric is crisp, but not as much as organdy.
  • The surface has a smooth look.
  • It feels very comfortable in hot weather.
  • The warp count is 70, weft count is 100, EPI (ends per inch) is 80, and PPI (picks per inch) is also 80.
  • It has about 76-104 g/m 2.
  • lawn cloth outfit

    Lawn is also a very good cloth for your home sewing project. You don’t have to be an expert to make a nice piece of clothing with this fabric.

    Tissura stocks a large collection of the cotton lawn fabric in a range of colors and patterns. The entire stock is from Liberty, a leading British manufacturer, well known for their elaborately and stylish prints.

    Lawn Cloth And Voile Is Not The Same

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    Many often confuse between these two fabrics as they sometimes look similar. But the fact is that, they are two different distinct fabrics. The thread count is higher in lawn cloth, and it also has smaller yarns. It is also crispier than voile.

    However, voile and lawn cloth are both lightweight cottons. Lighter colors like pink or white often look transparent, though it is actually opaque. This is why lawn cloth is often referred to as semi-transparent. It is extremely lightweight, but the lawn cotton fabric is still resistant to wrinkling. Clothes made with this fabric are also known to keep their shape.

    Plain Lawn

    lawn fabric

    This is made from bleached yarn or solid white. Those with color effects or the fancier grades are made by printing floral strips, vines, and small flowers among others in bright colors. The patterns are never woven – they are printed always.


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