Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

A bridal shower is coming up and you are short of gift ideas? I hear this all the time. It’s a special occasion in the life of your girlfriend, and you want your gift to count. If you are invited to the shower, surely you are no ordinary friend of the bride-to-be. You count in her life. You just don’t want to give her anything you find. It has to be a special gift that she will cherish, better, one that fits who she is and her style.

bridal shower

Don’t worry. There are plenty of awesome bridal shower gift ideas. I am listing a few of them here. Do take a look.

Crystal Vase

crystal vase

You can be sure that she will appreciate this gift. Everyone does, so this is a safe gift. A high quality crystal vase will add class instantly to the doorway or the dining table. Pick a design that is subtle. This will look good with most décor ideas.

Champagne Glasses

This is another excellent idea. Who doesn’t like champagne glasses? They look beautiful and her very classy. Your friend is sure to love these luxury items. Even if your friend is not into drinking champagne, but there are always guests. Its celebration time anyway after the wedding and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of champagne?

Picture Frame

picture frame

A picture frame is such an apt gift for the soon to be married couple. She can then pick a photo of them together and display it prominently. It could be her favorite snapshot from the wedding. Plus, it looks lovely on the coffee table and even as a desk accessory. You can even gift her set of frames where she can display the choicest of photos from the wedding.

Passport Case

A very useful gift, the case will always remind her of her honeymoon trip and what a good time they had as a couple. The wedding and the following honeymoon is just a few months away, so a passport case will be always a good choice.

Wedding Dress Hanger

wedding dress hanger

Another excellent choice in my opinion, especially if you have it customized. Of course, the hanger will help her immensely, as she can then keep the dress safe for the big day. And like the picture frame, you can even gift a set, one for your friend, and the other for her would-be-husband.

Cheese Knives

There are some things that always get overlooked, like cheese knives, for example. But they are still very useful. Every host will need them. Why not gift a set of three cheese knives made of stainless steel, which will be easy to clean?

Cashmere Throw Blanket

cashmere throw blanket

A very nice blanket will always be appreciated. You can be sure of this. The cozy blanket always makes us feel warm and comfortable inside. So you can certainly consider this as a bridal shower gift.

There are so many other ideas you can consider like a jewelry box, a cake cutter and server, a stand mixer, bed sheets, toaster, cutting board, nail polish set, bridal makeup bag, and a set of napkins among others.


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