Best Fabrics For The Summer

The summer is officially almost here. So it’s time to talk about the fabrics that will keep you cool when the temperature soars. And luckily, there are quite a few of them to choose from. Here are some of the most popular summer fabrics. Take a look –


cotton outfit

Cotton probably ranks at the very top in popularity. It is one of the most common natural fiber fabrics you can find. Thanks to its breathability, it is very suited to the summer months as well. It has a loose weave, which is why air can circulate easily, which helps in making the heat more bearable.


linen outfit

Made from the flax plant, this is also a natural fiber. It is one of the most durable and sturdiest fabrics for the summer. It has a light weave and is also a breathable fabric. Most people wear a light shade, such as white, gray, or biscuit, but darker shades can also look good. What makes linen even more popular is that, it never loses its shape, and it is resistant to stretching too.


rayon printed blouse

A manmade fabric from cellulose, natural synthetic, cotton, and wood pulp, rayon feels much like silk because of its glossy texture. Rayon however is cheaper than silk. It is comfortable to wear, light, and is a summer favorite. You will always feel comfortable in the heat. It is a great fabric for flared pants and flowy dresses as it is lighter than cotton. Rayon will evaporate the sweat and moisture quickly. Also, it won’t stick to your body.


silk outfit

This is an extremely lightweight and luxurious fabric. But you have to wear it with care as the fabric is very delicate. It will however look great if you wear it correctly, perfect when you want to dress up. It won’t feel heavy when layered with other fabrics. You will find the best silk fabric at the Tissura online fashion shop.


madras outfit

Madras is a city in South India, which is now called Chennai. The city has tropical, hot climate, and has thus developed a hand woven yarn, which is spun from the skin of trees. Its texture and colorful plaids have made this fabric very popular worldwide. The Madras fabric fashion is often seen in runways.


khadi outfit

This is another Indian fabric that has become popular globally. Its history goes back a long time, to when India was fighting the British to gain independence. Mahatma Gandhi used to promote this fabric, as a way to shun British-made fabrics imported to India, which used to cost domestic jobs. This is a very soothing fabric for the summer, and it looks very fashionable as well.


seersucker dress

This fabric will keep you cool in the summer. Plus, you won’t have to do ironing too. You are going to love this preppy, lightweight, and puckered fabric. In the Persian language, “seer” means milk, while “shaker” means sugar. You will feel its granule texture and smoothness on touch. It won’t stick to your body.


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