Beach Outfit Ideas To Look Cute

Head to the beach on a hot sunny day! There is no better option. I do this almost every weekend in the summer months, and spend quality time there. The beach is a great place for relaxing and spending some laid-back hours. I am always planning my outfits, when if I am heading to the beach. Yes, with some careful planning, it’s possible to put together many great beach outfits that will make you look cute there. So always look your best, even as you are enjoying the sand, surf, and sea.

Covering Up

cover up dress

Sarong-style tunics have traditionally been used for covering up. These fabrics are feather light and the styling is loose, which is just perfect. There are also short versions with which you can cover up, but still show off your legs. You will find many options both in the short and long versions.

short cover up dress

Short Cover Up

For this, you can go with light chiffon in monochrome print. This will be beautiful and it will also give you the freedom. Alternatively, you can wear a black off-the-shoulder romper that comes with tasseled fringing. Another option would be to wear a tunic sundress with striped panels and drawstring neckline. Wear a pastel-stripe jumpsuit with your three-quarter sleeves to cover up if you want to reveal a little bit.

For a longer design, go for a simple sarong with luxury fringing, and a lacy border white sarong. Alternatively, you can wear a wrap-around lace mini-skirt and a classic denim shirt that you tie at the waist to show off a playful, yet feminine look.

Shirt Over Bikini

shirt over bikini

Wear your shirt over bikini for the beach side chic look. It can be a simple white plain shirt or you can even wear a striped boyfriend shirt. It will look flirty and casual with denim mini shorts as well. Long shirts are always cute cover-ups over bright bikinis.

Playsuit With Hat


You can try a light patterned loose playsuit as well with a retro-style straw hat. This look should be effortless and perfect for the summer. Plus, its also a very good way of covering up for an evening spent at the beach.

Denim Short And A Top

denim short with top

Wear an off the shoulder top with your denim top and look super cute at the beach like what you see in this photo. Alternatively, you can also look good in a simple white top. Pair with your sunglass and wide brimmed hat, and you are ready to hit the sand.

Cute Swimwear


There are so many styles of swimwear to choose from – triangle top, one piece, bandeau, halter, tankini, underwire, skirted bottom, thong, boy short, high waist bottom, and more. But the number one rule with this is that, always pick something you are most comfortable and confident of wearing. Don’t wear it if skimpy isn’t your style. Go for a one-piece swimwear. There are retro-style bikinis too that look very beautiful. You will find something for everyone here surely.


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