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Welcome to velvetandtea.com, my personal blog about the velvet fabric, silk, cotton, and the other fabrics that we can style in so many different ways. I am Lia Marie, a part-time fashion designer and full-time follower, who is always searching for the latest fashion trends, and looking closely at what the designers are creating.

In my blog, I will share my personal ideas and observations on how to wear velvet, silk, and cotton in different ways, the best combinations, what to wear and what to avoid, in different seasons of the year. Velvet has a special place in my heart, so my focus will certainly be on this smooth fabric, and to be frank, it is trending at this time too. Celebrities and fashionistas are wearing velvet and silk in so many ways.

I will try my best to highlight all the styles. Do please let me know your thoughts. Feel free to comment and send me suggestions. I am also open to advertising opportunities collaborations, and offers for guest posts.

Thank you!

Lia Marie