Velvet Holiday Outfits


It’s the holiday season, one time of the year when we work less, shop, go out with our friends, meet our relatives, relax, party hard, take a holiday, and enjoy life. We buy

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Must-Have Velvet Pieces


Velvet is roaring this winter. From the United States to Europe and everywhere else, you will see girls of all age wearing this luxury fabric and styling in various ways. Velvet is very

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Party Outfits


It’s Christmas time once again! Then there’s the New Year too! At this time every year, my calendar is stacked with invitations to holiday parties. The venues are different, and so are the

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Silk Slip Dress


A slip dress, like velvet, has re-emerged from the shadows to become a hot fashion trend this year. It is simple and easy to wear, very practical, and comfortable too. Celebrities have figured

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Silk Scarf Styling


A cozy scarf wrapped around your neck is a bright idea for the winter. It looks good and is the perfect piece of clothing to get protection from the elements. You can even

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Velvet Fashion Trends


Velvet is back in fashion, and how! This year, we have seen men and women wear this fabric in so many ways, both casually and in even in formal ways that it is

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Velvet Care Tips


Velvet is adorable. Soft, tender and imbued with distinctive sheen, this fabric is irresistible to hover your hand upon. Velvet clothing has always been associated with refined luxury and never required many embellishments

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Velvet Party Outfits


The sound of champagne and whisky glasses, plunging necklines, jewelry, gorgeous satin dresses and velvet dresses, glittery knickers, bare legs, big bold heels… welcome to the most glamorous time of the year. As

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Striped Cotton Dress


A striped cotton dress is not a trend anymore. It has become a must-have for any wardrobe. It is an essential thing that you must have. And for good reasons too! There is

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Red Velvet Trend


The velvet trend has been ‘on’ and ‘off’ over time. And it’s mostly been about the blue color, which is how velvet dresses have looked traditionally. This year, though, it is a completely

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Velvet Street Style


Winter officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st. But the weather has already cooled down noticeably. And with this, the winter clothes – cashmere, wool and softest velvet fabrics is beginning

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Maxi Dress


When we are planning an outfit or buying items of clothing, there are usually two things in our mind – looking good, and staying comfortable. Of course, it should be long-lasting and comfortable.

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Velvet Pants


Sometimes we all make the mistake of focusing too much on what to wear at the top, like for instance the jeans or a skirt. Nothing wrong with that, but we have got

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Velvet Trends


I was looking for a reason to wear my velvet tops and other outfits and it seems that the time has arrived. You can see almost everybody showing off their attractive outfits during

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Velvet Outfits


Choose exciting velvet outfits from your wardrobe to pep up winter dressing. Extremely soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, velvet is a hot trend now. That’s why, many girls, and even the celebrities

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