Hot Velvet Trends For 2017

Velvet is back in fashion, and how! This year, we have seen men and women wear this fabric in so many ways, both casually and in even in formal ways that it is almost mind boggling. The designers too have been very creative with their work. The velvet trend in 2017 is, in fact, so strong that it does not seem like a passing thing. Yes, to me at least, the velvet trend seems to be staying for some time at least. Here are some of the latest fashion trends for velvet. Do take a look.

The Extravagant Look:

bold red velvet outfit

This bold red off shoulder dress is sure to look extremely extravagant. You will surely look a stunner in this outfit. I like the finishing of the dress and that slit in the front is just fantastic. This will certainly give you that celebrity look which many women long for. I am obviously going to give a nod to it.

Casual Yet Sophisticated:

green velvet top

I am quite fond of this shade of green. This can be the perfect casual outfit, but you will still look elegant in this dress. I love how well the denim shorts are looking with the velvet top. And not just the classic blue denim, even black shorts can look good with the top. I also like the funky belt and those silver earrings.

Velvet not only looks good, but is very comfortable to wear as well. You can shop for velvet fabrics at the Tissura online store.

The Unique Combo:

velvet with denim

The denim and velvet combo seems to be very strong in 2017. For instance, here’s an unconventional look that may take you by surprise. You may not want to pair your velvet pants with your denim shirt. But you can actually slay it – just feel like you own the outfit. Wear it with confidence and you will be bound to get sorted.

Hot Red Bottoms and Blazer:

velvet pant with blazer

Velvet has traditionally been blue. This year, it’s the bang opposite – hot red. Check out this combination of red bottoms, white top and a dapper black blazer. And those amazing sunglasses have added some more glam to the outfit. Accessorize with a red hand bag. The blazer adds a nice contrast to this dress.

Color Me Blue:

blue velvet dress

I love wearing single colored jump suits. And that is why I have picked this look. It is the classic blue velvet dress, but with a new twist that makes it more modern and look so much better. The best thing about this jump suit is the attached belt. You can even wear subtle earrings with it to define the look even more.

Long Velvet Shrug:

velvet shrug

You will want one of these velvet front open coats for your wardrobe, surely. It’s trendy, cool, and very fashionable. The minimal embellishments on it look extremely pretty as well. A black body top and skinny pant will match the best with this.

Keep Up With the Maxi Dress:

velvet maxi dress

Being an avid fashion lover, I always try to follow the ongoing trends. Therefore, I think that velvet maxi dresses are a must try. A front covered turquoise green velvet dress looks exquisite with oversized glares. A wine dress with a slit and a deep neck also looks stunning.


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