Get The Party Look With These Velvet Outfits

The sound of champagne and whisky glasses, plunging necklines, jewelry, gorgeous satin dresses and velvet dresses, glittery knickers, bare legs, big bold heels… welcome to the most glamorous time of the year. As the Christmas and the holiday season approaches, we must get ready for the busiest party time of the year.

velvet party dress

So how are we going to dress up for the parties these years? I personally adore glam-retro styles. The 70s, with their velvets, jumpsuits, big hair and sequins are a massive trend at this time. You will do no wrong by going all velvet this year, and fashion-wise, you will be looking at your best. In fact, you can wear a velvet dress for virtually any occasion, so it makes sense to invest in a good velvet bodysuit before the holidaying and partying picks up.

Velvet Bodysuits for Winter Parties

velvet party wear

There are good reasons why velvet has become popular for party dressing. It is shiny and glitzy. But that’s not the only reason. Velvet offers the same fuss-free design and sleek silhouette like other bodysuits, but they are more plush and soft, so even the going-out outfit is going to feel real cozy. This woven and tufted fabric gives you a distinct soft feel as the cut threads are distributed evenly. This is what makes velvet so comfortable to wear, and gives rise to the saying “smooth as velvet”.

velvet dress

There are plenty of styling options too with velvet. For instance, you can wear a high-waisted mini, with black skinnies, a skin-baring dress with a plunging back or spaghetti straps, something that covers you up more, or a look from the 90s. You may even wear many wide-leg trousers with your velvet party outfit to office.

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Here Are Some Velvet Outfit Ideas You Can Try

Velvet Bodysuit

velvet bodysuit

This can be the perfect outfit for a casual party with friends. The voluminous sleeves of this dress balances out the plunging front. Delicate pleats give it a romantic look, and its deep v-neckline can make you look irresistible at the party.

Stretch Velvet Bodysuit

stretch velvet bodysuit

Here is a black stretch velvet bodysuit that takes inspiration from the novel 90s. However, a more modern silhouette in long sleeve makes this an updated version and ready to wear for the fall and winter indoor parties. You can wear this dress with a light wash high-waisted jeans to show off a vintage edge.

Black Velvet Party Dress

black velvet dress

Add night glamour to your look with a black velvet outfit for the party. You can either show off skin with this dress, or wear your statement neckpiece with this. You may even wear with thigh high boots if your dress is slightly shorter in length. Here’s an outfit that will give off racy retro vibes.

Seductive Velvet Outfit

velvet party dressing

Show off your wild side for late-night events by dressing seductively. You can even add a fur coat, but don’t forget to accessorize adequately for the party.


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