Unbeatable Hiking Outfit Ideas You Will Love


Hiking is a favorite summer activity. With the Sun out there and good weather, I love to go into the woods spend time there, appreciating the beauty of nature. Backpacking and hiking are

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Summer Weekend Getaway Outfit Ideas


Summer is all about having fun – camping and fishing trips, hiking holidays, trips to the beach, having fun during the weekends. This is a great time of the year for planning all

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Best Fabrics For The Summer


The summer is officially almost here. So it’s time to talk about the fabrics that will keep you cool when the temperature soars. And luckily, there are quite a few of them to

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Velvet Winter Fashion


Velvet, fancy and glossy, is perfect for the winter and the holiday season. I wear velvet often this time of the year when I want to show glamour, elegance and style. Sometimes, the

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Velvet Holiday Outfits


It’s the holiday season, one time of the year when we work less, shop, go out with our friends, meet our relatives, relax, party hard, take a holiday, and enjoy life. We buy

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Party Outfits


It’s Christmas time once again! Then there’s the New Year too! At this time every year, my calendar is stacked with invitations to holiday parties. The venues are different, and so are the

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Silk Slip Dress


A slip dress, like velvet, has re-emerged from the shadows to become a hot fashion trend this year. It is simple and easy to wear, very practical, and comfortable too. Celebrities have figured

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Velvet Party Outfits


The sound of champagne and whisky glasses, plunging necklines, jewelry, gorgeous satin dresses and velvet dresses, glittery knickers, bare legs, big bold heels… welcome to the most glamorous time of the year. As

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Maxi Dress


When we are planning an outfit or buying items of clothing, there are usually two things in our mind – looking good, and staying comfortable. Of course, it should be long-lasting and comfortable.

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Velvet Outfits


Choose exciting velvet outfits from your wardrobe to pep up winter dressing. Extremely soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, velvet is a hot trend now. That’s why, many girls, and even the celebrities

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Velvet Fashion Ideas


Velvet is one of those timeless fabrics that never cease to inspire fashion designers. Its attractiveness is in the weave that offers a heavenly soft and tender hand, as well as in the

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