Beach Outfit Ideas To Look Cute


Head to the beach on a hot sunny day! There is no better option. I do this almost every weekend in the summer months, and spend quality time there. The beach is a

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Velvet Trends For Men


Yes, you’ve got it right. From 2016 onwards, women no longer have a monopoly on using velvet. This luxury aristocratic fabric has made its way back to the men’s wardrobe since the 1980s,

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Velvet Fashion Trends


Velvet is back in fashion, and how! This year, we have seen men and women wear this fabric in so many ways, both casually and in even in formal ways that it is

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Red Velvet Trend


The velvet trend has been ‘on’ and ‘off’ over time. And it’s mostly been about the blue color, which is how velvet dresses have looked traditionally. This year, though, it is a completely

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Velvet Trends


I was looking for a reason to wear my velvet tops and other outfits and it seems that the time has arrived. You can see almost everybody showing off their attractive outfits during

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Celebrity Velvet Trend


Celebrities often give us fashion goals. We follow what they do, right from what they wear to how they walk. In fact, I personally am often inspired by many celebrities, and loved how

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