The Fresco Fabric


What most people know of Fresco is that, it is a type of mural painting done on wet lime or freshly laid plaster. It is usually done on walls or ceilings. The color

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Best Fabrics For The Summer


The summer is officially almost here. So it’s time to talk about the fabrics that will keep you cool when the temperature soars. And luckily, there are quite a few of them to

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Red Carpet Fabrics


The big Oscar 2018 is just a month away. Like every time, this year too, I will be looking eagerly at all those stunning red carpet dresses and evening gowns. You can also

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Velvet Holiday Outfits


It’s the holiday season, one time of the year when we work less, shop, go out with our friends, meet our relatives, relax, party hard, take a holiday, and enjoy life. We buy

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Velvet Care Tips


Velvet is adorable. Soft, tender and imbued with distinctive sheen, this fabric is irresistible to hover your hand upon. Velvet clothing has always been associated with refined luxury and never required many embellishments

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Velvet Party Outfits


The sound of champagne and whisky glasses, plunging necklines, jewelry, gorgeous satin dresses and velvet dresses, glittery knickers, bare legs, big bold heels… welcome to the most glamorous time of the year. As

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