Beach Outfit Ideas To Look Cute


Head to the beach on a hot sunny day! There is no better option. I do this almost every weekend in the summer months, and spend quality time there. The beach is a

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The Fresco Fabric


What most people know of Fresco is that, it is a type of mural painting done on wet lime or freshly laid plaster. It is usually done on walls or ceilings. The color

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A Wrap Dress Is Perfect For The Summer


The Belgian-American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg had said that the wrap dress will become an icon and a timeless piece. How right she was. She created this model and cut way back

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Velvet Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is both classy and playful, and it is stylish and comfortable as well. Velvet will be a perfect choice of material when the temperature is dropping or it has become cold

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Must-Have Velvet Pieces


Velvet is roaring this winter. From the United States to Europe and everywhere else, you will see girls of all age wearing this luxury fabric and styling in various ways. Velvet is very

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Silk Scarf Styling


A cozy scarf wrapped around your neck is a bright idea for the winter. It looks good and is the perfect piece of clothing to get protection from the elements. You can even

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Striped Cotton Dress


A striped cotton dress is not a trend anymore. It has become a must-have for any wardrobe. It is an essential thing that you must have. And for good reasons too! There is

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Velvet Street Style


Winter officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st. But the weather has already cooled down noticeably. And with this, the winter clothes – cashmere, wool and softest velvet fabrics is beginning

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Velvet Pants


Sometimes we all make the mistake of focusing too much on what to wear at the top, like for instance the jeans or a skirt. Nothing wrong with that, but we have got

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Velvet Dress


The woven tufted fabric, velvet, is one of the most stylish dress materials of all time. It is smooth, comfortable to wear, and extremely fashionable. Some things just don’t fade away and it’s

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